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Asia Werner,


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Tips for Writing to Your Donor or Transplant Recipient

Trinity Lazo, a heart transplant recipient, holding a photograph of Logan, her donor. To read her...

Want to Get Involved: 5 Things You Can Do!

It goes without saying that organ donation is a worthy cause, and although most people recognize the importance of raising...

LGBTQ: You Can Donate Too!

Beginning on June 17th, the vibrant LGBTQ community in the Tri-State area will kick off Cincinnati Pride, a week-long celebration...

10 Things You Need to Know About Tissue Donation

Most of us are well aware of the fact that organ donation saves lives, but what sometimes goes overlooked is...

What You Need to Know About Becoming a Living Donor

With more than 118,000 people on the national transplant waiting list, the need for organ donation has never been greater....

It’s Time to Celebrate: National Donate Life Month

Statistics show that 90 percent of Americans support organ, eye and/or tissue donation, but only about half of that amount...
Donor donation is supported by more major religions in the United States.

Think You Can’t Donate Because of Your Religion? Think Again

As with many areas of religion and spirituality, there are all kinds of differing opinions regarding whether organ donation is...
Asia's life was saved because someone decided to share the love and become a donor.

Share the Love, Become an Organ Donor

For most of us, Valentine's Day calls to mind images of candy hearts, fancy chocolates and flowers galore, but this...
2017 To do list year text on white paper poster with black pencil and lightbulb on wood plank floor and white brick wall,Business presentation mock up for adding your list.

What Can You Make Possible in 2017?

The advent of the New Year brings with it the idea of a fresh start and new possibilities. It's an...