Read the latest stories and news about donation.



Angela Easton,


Read the latest stories and news about donation.


The Pope’s Endorsement of Organ Donation

One of the biggest misconceptions about organ donation is that your religious beliefs could stop you from becoming an organ...
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The Organ Shortage & the Need for Donors

As a people, we have become safer and lived longer thanks to huge advancements in medical technology and procedures. The...
First HIV+ Kidney Transplant

The First HIV Positive Kidney Donation Done at Johns Hopkins

In March of 2019, the elite surgical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland performed the world’s first kidney...
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What Congress’s Bill to Protect Living Organ Donors Means for Kidney Donors

On February 14, 2019 four members of the House of Representatives and the Senate stood up in Congress and spoke...

The Importance of Logan’s Law

In February of 2019, a new bill named Logan’s Law went before the Iowa Senate and House of Representatives with...
The engineer demonstrates the heart printed on a 3d printer

Can 3D Printing Help the Organ Shortage?

When you think of 3D printing, you probably think of custom plastic pieces created through layering liquid plastic. Since 2015,...
Henry Dennis's sister, Audrey Holtzman (fourth from left) pictured with her family.

Henry Dennis: A Story of Selfless Giving

Henry Dennis saved eight lives through organ donation and many others through his gift of tissue....
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First Baby Born to a Woman with a Uterus Transplant

The struggles of infertility have caused many hardships and pains for couples who are having difficulty conceiving or are incapable...
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Start the New Year with a Great Resolution

The holidays are a time for giving, kindness, and selflessness. That makes this time of year the perfect time to...
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One Donor, Eight Lives

Over the past decade, the need for organ donors has grown at an unprecedented rate. Even though there are more...
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Needed Organs

The decision to become an organ, eye, and tissue donor is one of the biggest decisions you can make in...
Happy mother and her little daughter making final preparation of roasted turkey for Thanksgiving dinner with their family.

The Best Thanksgiving Gift

Thanksgiving is here and that means that it is time to cook the biggest feast of the year. This huge...