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Reese Brady Ryan, a heart recipient, with her parents. Read her story here.

Causes for Needing a Transplant

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, there are over 114,000 people on the national organ transplant...
Top view of African-American girl hands holding a marble made heart shape.

African-Americans and Organ Donation: Debunking the Myths

It is a well-known fact that organ donation is universally needed, but if you look at the data, African-Americans are...
the macro image of the brown eye

Cornea Donation: Giving the Gift of Sight

If you've ever marveled at a gorgeous sunset or enjoyed a breathtaking view of a mountain range, you know how...
New Year Concept

Resolutions Worth Keeping

For many people, the advent of the New Year brings a sense of excitement and anticipation, along with a renewed...

Mixtape in the Key of Life

Written by: Kevin Reynolds, Kidney Recipient January 17, 2018 I realize not everyone is as forthcoming about their health journey...
Pat waiting to receive his heart transplant with his Cardiologist, Dr. Maria Mountis and his wife, Amy.

Getting “The Call”

Written By: Pat McEntee, Heart Transplant Recipient  Waiting for a heart transplant was a long, slow process. The road began...

How Are Organ Procurement Organizations Funded?

Written by: Barry Massa, Executive Director for LifeCenter You may have wondered, "How does organ donation work? Who pays for...

Where Are They Now? Carolyn Henry Glaspy

In 2011, LifeCenter introduced you to Carolyn Henry Glaspy, a mother who shared the extraordinary story of how her son,...
Human Organ Transplantation on ambulance.

Don’t Believe Everything You See on TV

We've all seen the commercials: An endangered patient is being rolled on a gurney into the emergency room of a...
Where They Are Now: Loretta Davis

Where They Are Now: Loretta Davis

In 2012, we profiled the phenomenal story of Loretta Davis, a transplant recipient who was originally given only 48 hours...
Where They Are Now: Bob Briggs

Where They Are Now: Bob Briggs

A few years ago, LifeCenter introduced you to Bob Briggs, a liver transplant recipient whose inspiring story of hope and...
How It All Started: The History of Donation

How It All Started: The History of Donation

Organ and Tissue Donation has come a long way. Modern technology has gifted us with all...