Bryce and Cameron Jeff, Organ and Tissue Donors

On June 10, 2011 and June 11, 2011, our family experienced the loss of Bryce and Cameron Jeff, respectively. Brothers, Bryce at 8 years old, and Cameron, at 10 years old, died as a result of a drowning incident.

Both boys were energetic, happy, and genuinely fun children! They enjoyed being outdoors, playing basketball and football. Bryce and Cameron played video games, they loved music, they sang in their church choir, and always enjoyed spending time with their family. They were true characters and brought many smiles and laughter beyond measure to all whom they encountered.

This incident left us with a tremendous sense of loss and devastation. Our family immediately decided to do everything possible to allow Bryce and Cameron’s memory to live on. Saving lives through their organ and tissue donations has made this possible. In addition to their donations, with the help of the Cincinnati Recreation Commission, the I CAN SWIM! program was formed in honor of Bryce and Cameron to provide funds for children who otherwise would not be able to afford swim lessons. This program has allowed a number of school-aged children to receive free or reduced lessons during the summer at one of their 24 outdoor pools throughout the city of Cincinnati.

It is such an honor knowing that Bryce and Cameron are still making an impact on the lives of others through their gifts of donations. They will forever be on the hearts and minds of their family but it is also our hope that they touch others with their gifts of life.

-Barbara Jeff, Mother of Bryce and Cameron Jeff, Organ and Tissue Donors