Connie Lawson, Cornea Recipient

As a clerk at a local license bureau, I ask the question on a daily basis, “Would you like to register as an organ, eye, and tissue donor?”  I never thought that one day someone who said yes to that question would be changing my life in such a profound way.

In 2013, I contracted a severe fungal infection in my eye. I was terrified. I didn’t know what was wrong and the pain was intense. I couldn’t do anything but stay in a dark room and I quickly began to lose my vision.

The doctors at the Cincinnati Eye Institute gave me my sight back with a cornea transplant. After the surgery, it took three months for me to see without blurriness and sensitivity to light. I now have my full vision back with no pain in the eye.  I am very thankful for the cornea that I received. Although I don’t know anything about my cornea donor, after having this experience I would definitely want to thank their family for this incredible gift and for the difference it has made in my life. They gave me my vision back and that is a beautiful gift.

Every once in a while I like to tell my story to someone when they register for their driver’s license. I’m able to enjoy so many things in my life that many take for granted thanks to someone saying “yes.” It’s that easy to be someone’s hero. Just say “yes.”

Connie Lawson,

Clerk at Kentucky Department of Motor Vehicles

and Cornea Recipient