Daivon Jones, Kidney Recipient

My son, Daivon, was diagnosed with renal dysplasia at the age of 7. After years of doctor’s visits, surgeries and much pain, we found out when he was only 14 years old that he would eventually need a kidney transplant. I will forever remember this moment because it was right before Mother’s Day, and as a mother it was heartbreaking to know my child would have to face something as scary as a transplant at such a young age.

At 3 am on November 19, 2013, we received the call. It was exciting, nerve wrecking and just an emotional roller coaster for us. After four hours of surgery, Daivon finally awoke. I asked him how he felt. His answer was, “I feel like a million bucks”. I knew in that moment that my son was going to be alright.

With the help and support of his friends, family, and faith, he was able to make a full recovery. Before transplant, he had no energy and lived in pain every day. At 17-years-old, he’s now enjoying a normal teenage life. He’s been enjoying working at a local UDF and is making plans for his bright future ahead where he aspires to move to California to pursue acting and express his artistic talents.

To his donor’s family, we would say we’re sorry for their great loss. Daivon is taking great care and cherishing this gift that they have blessed him with. Because someone was registered, my son was able to receive. If you’re not registered, someone could be losing that chance to live. It can be a life and death difference in someone’s life. Register today and be someone’s hope for a better life.

-Dawn Smalls, Mother of Daivon Jones