Dr. Anant Bhati, Organ Donor

As an obstetrician/gynecologist in Cincinnati for over 40 years, our dad devoted his entire life to shepherding new life into this world. He was beloved by his patients; even 4 years after his passing, we received letters from strangers telling us stories about how he helped them at a time of profound difficulty. Our dad not only helped these patients medically, but also personally.

Over the years, he reminded us that he was an organ and tissue donor and that one day we would need to be strong enough to carry out his wishes. We tended to change the subject because even as adult children we didn’t want to fathom a world without our parents.

It would have been easier for him not to talk about it — but dad knew that the opportunity to save lives was worth some uncomfortable conversations.

In February 2012, he passed away after suffering a traumatic brain injury. As anyone who has suddenly lost a loved one knows, in that moment of overwhelming shock and devastation, the fl oor falls away and nothing feels real or certain anymore. The only certainty at that terrible time was that we had to honor his lifelong wish to be an organ and tissue donor. There was no debate — we knew in our hearts that it would have been an insult to his memory to do anything less. Even in death, our dad didn’t stop helping people.

Dr. Amar Bhati & Shan Bhati,

Children of  Dr. Anant Bhati,

Organ Donor

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