Employee Spotlight: Erica Randall

In 2006, my cousin and best friend, Jason Beck, became an organ and tissue donor at the age of 23. It was a completely devastating loss for our family. We were approached by LifeCenter and explained the many ways Jason could be a hero for others. It helped our family tremendously knowing that Jason left this earth as a hero. He had such a huge impact for so many people. I started my career here because I too wanted to help other families in their grieving process and help their loved ones become heroes.

In the Donation Support Services Department (DSS) at LifeCenter, we reach out to the families of donors who passed away and explain how their loved ones can be a hero for others. Then we support them every step of the organ, eye and tissue donation process.

Hearing the tone of a grieving person’s voice change when they know their loved one can become a hero is why I do what I do. Families thank me all the time for calling them. But actuality, they are the ones who need to be thanked. In their darkest time, they are thinking of helping complete complete strangers.

There are so many people waiting who need these life-changing gifts, and donation must go on. We help make it happen every day.” -Erica Randall, Donation Support Services Specialist at LifeCenter Organ Donor Network

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