Flinnoy Hopton, Heart Recipient

I officially became a registered organ donor the first time I renewed my license, not knowing some 40 years later I would be a recipient of a heart transplant.

While serving in Thailand and Vietnam as a US Air Force jet fighter aircraft mechanic, exposure to Agent Orange weakened my heart, which eventually began to fail. On August 4, 2011, after a long and scary wait, I received the gift of a new heart.

The courageous choice of a donor has extended my life to enjoy the birth of my sixth grandchild, my first great-granddaughter, the marriage of my youngest daughter and most importantly, time with Kathy, my wife. She has been my rock, motivation, supporter, and a gift sent from God.

Because I’ve benefited so much from the gift of organ donation, I actively support the efforts of LifeCenter to encourage organ and tissue donation. I’m truly a living testimony and witness to God’s miracle-performing powers through organ donation and I would encourage everyone to seek reliable information because it works and saves lives.

Thanks to my many friends, associates, neighbors and family for their love, prayers, sacrifices and encouragement before and since my August 4, 2011 heart transplant. A special thank you and prayers of gratitude for my donor’s family, whom I don’t know but think of daily. Your loved one lives on in me.

-Flinnoy Hopton

Heart Recipient