Hospital and Family Services Manager



Tissue Donation Manager


Responsible for the direct oversight of the Hospital and Family Services Departments at LifeCenter; cultivating and growing relationships with hospital partners through effective communication and processes to encourage strong engagement in the donation process; directing the family support and approach process to ensure our practices are effective and result in maximizing the opportunities for donation in our donation services area while ensuring ongoing optimal support of the families we serve.

Essential Job Duties/Performance Standards

  1. Collaborates with hospital partner leaders to develop memorandums of agreements (MOAs), as well as processes, policies, and procedures for family services and hospital development activities that comply with hospital protocols and applicable regulations. Annually review and update MOAs and LifeCenter’s Donation Manual to better facilitate the donation process.


  1. Coordinate open discussions about policies and procedures with team members and stakeholders to get the feedback needed that permits development of comprehensive, effective processes to better identify potential donors earlier in the care process. Foster continuity between the Hospital Services, Family Services, and the Organ Clinical teams to integrate service delivery where appropriate.


  1. Leads the development of strategic plans for hospital partners to achieve LifeCenter strategic priorities for donation in alignment with overall hospital direction, needs, and goals by responding to issues, concerns, and complaints from hospital partners; track complaints and coordinate follow-up activities.


  1. Presents organ and tissue recovery metrics, results of process improvement efforts, audit results, and other relevant information to Quality Assurance and Process Improvement (QAPI) meetings and to hospital leadership and stakeholders. Identifies underperforming hospitals and departments within hospitals, and initiate the appropriate corrective actions to remove any barriers inhibiting donation. 


  1. Ensures that LifeCenter builds a strong on-site presence at key hospital partner facilities to maximize referrals and to better capitalize on organ, tissue, and eye donation opportunities by assigning dedicated partners (Hospital Services, Family Services, Donation Coordinators) to plan and coordinate on-site engagement activities; including a consistent night shift presence from LifeCenter staff.


  1. Actively engages in donor hospital events, meetings and leadership meetings and be present during rounding with key hospital contacts. Follow-ups on questions to and from hospital partners in-person to receive better information to provide superior service to our hospitals.


  1. Develops integrated communications strategies with Hospital Services, Family Services, Organ Recovery, Tissue Recovery and other departments regarding current LifeCenter initiatives. Shares communication with all appropriate teams to ensure all staff provide clear, consistent messages to hospital partners.


  1. Creates Family Services and Hospital Services education programs that build an awareness of and an appreciation for donation to be shared with clinical staff, hospital administrators, chaplains, potential donor families, and other stakeholders.


  1. Provides management oversight of the overall response to referral requests from all hospital partners by identifying and dedicating resources to meet service expectations and provide 24/7 support.


  1. Coordinates and ensures an on-site presence and responses for referrals to maximize potential donation opportunities. Ensures intervention earlier in potential donation opportunities to prevent patient withdrawals. 


  1. Develops and maintains a comprehensive “toolkit” to successfully deploy suitability testing (including brain death testing), authorization protocols, and other donation processes at each partner hospital.


  1. Evaluates past and current medical conditions and check for positive and negative trends in labs as leading indicators to evaluate whether a referral represents a realistic opportunity for donation. Learn and apply clinical aspects of suitability evaluation to better evaluate the viability of potential candidates.


  1. Build, lead, and maintain a high-performing, highly-engaged team that embodies the organization’s values. This including interviewing candidates, onboarding of new hires and performing annual on-site competency evaluation and job shadowing with Family and Hospital Services staff and strategic hospital partners.


  1. Provides clear performance expectations and assesses employee performance through the organization’s performance evaluation system. Provide team members with positive or negative, constructive feedback that reinforces desired results and holds team members accountable for their performance.  Identifies training and development that will improve team performance. 


  1. Assist in the development and management of the Family Services and Hospital Services Departmental budgets in collaboration with the Director of Organ Operations.


  1. Performs Family Services Coordinator and Hospital Services Coordinator job duties and participates in the on-call schedule as needed.

  2. Other job duties as assigned by the Organ Operations Director and the Executive Director. 


Required Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in communications/marketing or equivalent work experience in organ procurement or medical field.

  2. Five years of applicable work experience preferred.

  3. Management/Leadership experience preferred.

  4. Valid driver’s license.

  5. Knowledge of regulations applicable to organ and tissue recovery preferred.

Working Conditions / Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a hospital setting as well as in the office.  This position requires regular lifting, reaching, bending, walking sitting and standing.  Must be able to travel for extended periods of time. 

Risk Exposure

Risk Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids:  While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be exposed to blood or body fluids.  Established procedures identify the appropriate personal protective measures that you should use when performing essential functions of your position.  In addition, LifeCenter's OSHA program will provide you with the appropriate procedures and guidelines.  If you need additional training or resources, please contact your manager/supervisor or the Health and Safety Officer.

Please include a cover letter detailing where you learned about this open position (i.e. FaceBook, LifeCenter website, third party website, referral, etc.).

To submit your cover letter and resume, e-mail a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Document to LifeCenter or mail or fax your resume to:


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