Pictured: Madison Cuffy, MD Kidney Transplant Surgeon, University of Cincinnati Medical Center



As a healthcare professional, LifeCenter realizes your ultimate role is to save lives. It is only after all efforts to save a life have been exhausted that LifeCenter becomes involved. In these situations, LifeCenter will partner with you, offering guidance through every step of the donation experience. Your role is extremely vital throughout this unique end of life process that could ultimately save lives while also providing hope and comfort to a grieving family.

Resources For Hospital Professionals

Please call LifeCenter at 513-558-5000 for real time assistance.

You can also email our Hospital Services Team to schedule trainings or address any questions you may have.

Below are more resources for your reference:

The Hospital Services Team


Pictured: Kelly William, Kaleb & Kyle Parker, Kidney Donor & Recipients

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