I Needed A Second Transplant: Tim Hanner’s Story

I was forewarned that my disease may return and attack my new kidney, so although I was very disappointed to need a second transplant, I was not shocked. The hardest part for me was telling my sister, who was my kidney donor. I somehow felt I had let her down although it was beyond my control. She was phenomenal when we discussed it, and she let me know she knew it was a possibility before the transplant and she would do it over again with me if she could.

Getting a second kidney transplant is unreal – just as incredible as the first! I already feel so much better and it has only been a little over a week! It was a bit easier because I had been through it before. I knew what to expect based on my prior experiences of seven years ago. Paula, my Nurse Advocate from The Christ Hospital Health Network, was with me for my first transplant and joined me on this journey once again. She was critically important for my well-being since last July.

My feelings about donations continue expand and grow each day. When a family member donates, it is truly humbling and you know it’s pure love. But for a former student who I had in a middle school classroom 30 years ago to donate? The feelings are hard to describe. Alyssa’s selfless act of love is literally life-saving for me. She never hesitated and never wavered. I am humbled and honored to have such incredible souls in my life.” – Tim Hanner, Kidney Recipient

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