Stories of Hope

Inspirational stories open up pathways for connection, hope, love and second chances. These stories feature individuals in our community who have been impacted by donation and transplantation, and who have been highlighted in our annual LifeCenter Calendar, bring to life the ways in which people support each other, especially through challenging times and turn their stories into hope.
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Tissue and Cornea Recipients

December: Christienne King and AJ Wilson, Family of Adrienne King, Organ and Cornea Donor (1959-1992), Featured in 2004 Calendar.

In 1992, the oldest of my four sisters suffered a non-survivable brain injury in a fall. Despite having Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy, Adrienne knew no …

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Donor Families

November: Lynette Wade, Mother of Landon Steele, Tissue and Cornea Donor (1989-2013). Featured in 2015 Calendar.

Grief is as individual as we are! Eight years later; I’m still learning how to live on while enduring the loss of Landon. The first …

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Organ Recipients

October: Jonathan Voorhees, Liver Recipient. 13 years post-transplant. Featured in 2013 Calendar.

Jonathan was born with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. The doctors attempted to save his native liver with a major surgery but unfortunately …

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Tissue and Cornea Recipients

September: Connie Lawson, Cornea Recipient. 8 years post-transplant. Featured in 2016 Calendar.

In 2013, I contracted a severe fungal infection in my eye. The pain was so intense that I couldn’t do anything and quickly began to …

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Living Donors

August: Kelly Williams, Kaleb and Kyle Parker, Kidney Donor and Recipients. 12 and 11 years post-transplant. Featured in 2011 Calendar.

As a living kidney donor, organ donation has positively impacted my life! I feel pride in my decision to donate to Kaleb and am so …

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Tissue and Cornea Recipients

July: Tayler Lee Towles, Daughter of Connie Towles, Cornea Donor (1967-2012). Featured in 2017 Calendar.

At the age of nine years old I lost my mother to breast cancer. Losing her especially at such a young age has greatly impacted …

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