Jonathan Voorhees, Liver Transplant Recipient

Jonathan Robert Voorhees is a fun loving, spirited three year-old little boy who has been through many challenges in his short life. At only eight weeks old, Jonathan was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called biliary atresia. Despite a major surgery to try and save his liver, Jonathan’s health began to deteriorate quickly, and he endured countless hospitalizations and procedures to keep him alive.

Our wait was short in comparison to others waiting for a transplant, but it was still an agonizing five weeks on the transplant waiting list. Then, we got the call that a match had been found for Jonathan. It was a “size match,” which was the best possible scenario for Jonathan’s survival, but it also meant a family out there had just suffered was mourning the loss of their baby at that same moment. There are no words to describe the conflict we felt knowing this reality.

In the two and a half years since Jonathan’s transplant, we’ve been able to watch him grow into the amazing little boy he was meant to be. Jonathan is a little miracle. He has such a loving spirit and a zest for life that touches everyone he meets. It seems he is one of those special people that God places on this earth to be a light for others. He is our light and has taught us so much. Jonathan has been blessed with a lifetime of possibilities that would not have been possible without the gift of life given by a complete stranger. Our eyes have been opened to the miracles that happen all around us each day. The family who made our miracle happen holds a very special place in our hearts. Through their decision to donate life, they have forever changed not only our family’s lives, but all who are touched by Jonathan and his amazing journey. For this we are eternally grateful.

– Amber Voorhees, mother of Jonathan Voorhees, Liver Transplant Recipient