Justin Mitchell, Tissue Recipient

I have suffered from epilepsy since the age of 17. In 2007, I was working at a local restaurant when I suddenly had a seizure in the kitchen and fell on the flat-top grill, landing heavily on my right forearm. I was taken by air-care to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where I was treated for severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns from my right wrist, up to my elbow.

After unsuccessfully attempting to let the burns heal naturally for two weeks, it was determined that I was at high-risk for infection and would need two skin grafts. The process was painful but I was grateful. I had follow-up cleansing and rehab sessions to keep scarring to a minimal and wore a burn sleeve for nearly six months.

Without the skin donors, the chances of infection from this incident would have been very high and the scarring would have been much more severe. I’ve made it my mission to have my whole family register as donors because this is truly the greatest gift anyone can give.

–          Justin Mitchell, Tissue Recipient