Kelly Williams, Living Kidney Donor

While working with Kaleb’s mother I found out that he was experiencing kidney failure and needed to have a kidney transplant. I made the decision to donate one of my kidneys to Kaleb to restore his health and give him a second chance at life. After a successful transplant, I realized Kaleb didn’t just receive the gift of a donated organ but he also received the freedom to live a beautiful life, full of promise, potential and hope. When I look at Kaleb now, I see a strong and healthy young man that has the ability to do whatever he wants in life without having to ask  “Can I?” or “Will I be able to?” Since then, Kaleb’s brother Kyle has also been the recipient of kidney donation and they are both doing extremely well and living life as healthy teenage boys, and we are all so thankful. When I think of our miraculous experience, I’m reminded to live each day to the fullest exuding courage, sensitivity, kindness and love. I now understand that organ donation isn’t just a blessing to the recipient but even more so to the donor, it’s the biggest blessing you could ever receive.

Being an organ donor gives me a great sense of pride and has changed my life completely. I am a strong advocate and supporter of organ and tissue donation and understand the importance of raising awareness. I encourage others, if you have the ability or ever the opportunity to be a blessing to another family, please consider helping those who are gravely in need of this precious gift.


-Kelly Williams, Living Kidney Donor