Kyle Weisenberger, Organ Donor

I’ll always remember the excitement Kyle had for becoming an organ and tissue donor. It was a decision he made completely on his own. He had asked me to consider signing my license and didn’t leave me alone until I honored his request, but little did we know that years later donation would be a subject in our daily lives.  Thanksgiving evening of 2009, Kyle was involved in an automobile accident due to bad weather. He was rushed to University Hospital where a team of “angels” worked to help Kyle and our family. We prayed that we would accept God’s plan no matter what, and on December 1, 2009 Kyle went home to God. Our world would change forever.

God gave Kyle many gifts. One was to ability to ride a bicycle at the age of two with no training wheels. Kyle became “one with his bike” his entire life and was Kentucky’s first professional BMX bicyclist, traveling all over the U.S. and the world. He held the title of number one BMX bicyclist in the U.S. and number eight the world, and he was well respected on and off the track by team mates, competitors, fans and parents. He competed in three world races and as far away as Perth, Australia.  When Kyle wasn’t racing he was designing team jerseys. He attended the University of Louisville and Northern Kentucky University, majoring in graphic design and exercise science.

Kyle did everything right up to the very end.  He also became an organ donor, leaving a wonderful legacy. Kyle made us aware of the valuable gift of life, and now we make others aware, so that they pursue their dreams and talents. His motto was “Do what you love, love what you do.”

Top of the morning to ye, Kyle.

-The Family of Kyle Weisenberger, Organ Donor