Landon Steele, Tissue Donor

Landon lived a very positive and simplistic life.  He didn’t sweat the small stuff. It was very difficult to be in a bad mood in his presence.  Landon’s great sense of humor, and contagious smile were very difficult to resist. He always greeted you with a firm handshake or heart felt hug. He played an integral part in helping our family maintain its very close knit relationship.

One Saturday morning we were at the BMV and the clerk asked Landon about becoming an organ donor.  Landon, without hesitation responded with a resounding “Yes”!  As a parent I wanted to make sure he understood the responsibility he was undertaking. I can’t say I was totally surprised by his decision to become an organ & tissue donor. Landon had a big heart and firm determination.  He met each challenge head on, no matter the task,

Although his time on earth was brief, Landon impacted a lot of lives.  When Landon passed away I knew two things in my heart 1) My life was forever change and 2) I wanted to adopt Landon’s Christian attitude and zeal for life. Throughout his life I always considered myself as the teacher and Landon as the student.  However, the truth of the matter is our roles were reversed.

Landon did and still is (in numerous ways) educating me about the importance of forging and maintaining family ties, Christian love, friendships and relationships and the importance and impact one decision can have on so many lives as a donor.

-Lynette Williams, Mother of Landon Steele