Opportunities to Honor

Join LifeCenter’s Donor Family Council

LifeCenter’s Donor Family Council is a dedicated group of donor families focusing on providing thoughts, experience, and feedback on how to continue improving the support provided to families. This group meets quarterly and new members are added at the beginning of each year.  If interested or for questions, please email Aftercare@LifePassItOn.org.

Ceremonies to Honor

Each April, LifeCenter invites families who had a loved one say “yes” to donation the previous year to the Donor Family Recognition Ceremony.

Each October, LifeCenter invites all families to LifeCenter’s Virtual Donor Remembrance. This virtual event is held via Zoom. For more information, please email Aftercare@LifePassItOn.org.

Learn how to start a Scholarship Fund

Many families find comfort in establishing a memorial fund to honor their loved one. In the midst of grief, navigating the next steps in that process may be challenging. Go here to read one donor family’s perspective and experience in creating a scholarship fund.

The Path of Life was established as a partnership between LifeCenter and Cincinnati Parks in April 2021 as a way to honor and remember the selfless individuals and their families who said “yes” to donation.

Families are encouraged to visit the park as a way to walk, reflect, and honor loved ones.  LifeCenter is happy to provide biodegradable ribbons to families who wish to write a message to their loved one and tie the ribbon a tree branch.  To request a ribbon, please send an email to Aftercare@LifePassItOn.org.

Join us on Facebook

LifeCenter invites donor families to join our Facebook page called “LifeCenter Donor Families (Cincinnati, OH)”. This is a closed group, meaning only group members can see the group, who is in it, and the information that members share.

Become a Volunteer

All donors leave a legacy that many families adopt as their own mission by becoming a LifeCenter Donate Life Ambassador volunteer. LifeCenter has an ever-growing Ambassador Program made up of volunteers across the donation and transplant community. If you’re interested, please sign-up with our Ambassador Program here.

Please continue to check back as more events and opportunities may be added!

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