Organ Donation Specialist



Organ Donation Specialist


Responsible for the day to day activities of the recovery teams.  This includes training, scheduling, implementation and supervising of the tissue recovery program.

Essential Job Duties/Performance Standards

  1. Works in close collaboration with hospital and other LifeCenter staff to evaluate potential organ donors for suitability. This includes reviewing a patient chart, past medical history, admission history, lab data, hemodynamic status, and family dynamics.
  2. Performs on-site evaluations and medical assessments of all potential organ donors. Works with the hospital staff to acquire information to assure suitability of potential donors and advises on the medical management of these potential donors.
  3. Coordinates the complex medical management of care on all potential organ donors. This includes maintaining donor’s hemodynamic stability, interpreting lab values and maintaining the viability of all organ systems following established protocols and under the advisement of the Administrator-On-Call (AOC) and /or the Medical Director.
  4. Utilizes the LifeCenter Donor Management Protocol and the Medical Director to ensure appropriate medical management of all potential donors.
  5. Coordinates all aspects of organ allocation on local, statewide, regional and national levels using the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).
  6. Coordinate all healthcare personnel participation in organ/tissue donation process.
  7. Properly and timely documents all donor related activities in the donor chart and electronic chart (I-Transplant) and completes all required data forms according to established policy and procedure.
  8. If needed, participates, in the request process to obtain authorization for organ and/or tissue donation from the next of kin.
  9. As assigned, collaborates with Hospital Development staff to provide education to hospital staff on donation.
  10. Collects and reports data as necessary and as requested.
  11. Flushes and packages organs for transplant according to LifeCenter and UNOS standards and guidelines.
  12. Practices sterile technique when appropriate to ensure safe handling of organs and supplies.
  13. Obtains, preserves, and packages necessary specimens for tissue typing in the operating room according to UNOS standards and guidelines.
  14. Distributes organs for transplantation and research or discard after recovery.
  15. Responsible for receiving and distributing imported organs and tissue typing material to the appropriate hospital, HLA lab and other labs (ABO, pathology etc.).
  16. Responsible for coordinating and assisting with biopsies for imported kidneys.
  17. Responsible for preservation of hearts, livers, kidneys and pancreas when the local transplant center does not provide an Organ Recovery Specialist or upon indicated need (e.g. fly-outs).
  18. Assists with recovery of organs for research as needed.
  19. Responsible for sterilization of recovery supplies, instruments, and restocking of donor bag. Maintain preservation inventory and supplies.
  20. Responsible for all pulsatile perfusion of kidneys.
  21. Coordinates the import of organs from outside Organ Procurement Organizations (OPO).
  22. Properly and timely documents all donor related activities in the donor chart and electronic chart (I-Transplant) and completes all required data forms according to established policy and procedure.
  23. Performs on-call responsibilities as assigned to cover job duties.
  24. Responsible for the cleaning and organization of all perfusion areas.
  25. Other job duties as assigned by the Organ Donation Manager, Organ Operations Director and the Executive Director.

Required Qualifications

  1. Registered nurse or other healthcare professional with one year of critical care nursing/professional experience or graduate of the Human Donation Sciences Program or equivalent work experience.


  1. Valid driver’s license.


  1. Data entry skills. Basic computer knowledge.


  1. Working knowledge in Microsoft Office and database programs.

Working Conditions / Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a hospital/operating room settings as well as in the office.  This position requires regular sitting, reaching, bending and walking.  An individual should be able to lift up to 50 lbs and be able to stand for extended periods of time.  This position is an on-call position that may require extended time periods of work.

Risk Exposure

Risk Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids:  While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be exposed to blood or body fluids.  Established procedures identify the appropriate personal protective measures that you should use when performing essential functions of your position.  In addition, LifeCenter's OSHA program will provide you with the appropriate procedures and guidelines.  If you need additional training or resources, please contact your manager/supervisor or the Health and Safety Officer.

Please include a cover letter detailing where you learned about this open position (i.e. FaceBook, LifeCenter website, third party website, referral, etc.).

To submit your cover letter and resume, e-mail a Microsoft Word or Rich Text Document to LifeCenter or mail or fax your resume to:


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