With Cincinnati’s Pride week right around the corner and the Pride Celebration set to begin on June 23rd, we wanted to dispel some myths surrounding organ donation for the LGBTQ community. When it comes to an issue like equality, organ donation has been one of the first institutes to serve as a bridge between cultures and accept all walks of life.

LGBTQ Donations

It’s a common misconception that people in the LGBTQ community can’t donate organs. A large part of this stems from restrictions on donating blood. While some might assume the regulations and restrictions are the same, they in fact are not.

One of the best ways to dispel hate is by spreading love; by giving unconditionally without having hate in your heart. By registering to be an organ donor you are giving a person a new lease on life, you are giving a piece of yourself in the hopes of benefitting your fellow man. Regardless of your motivations, organ donation is the ultimate form of human altruism.

HIV Donations

There is no getting around it, HIV has traditionally been more prevalent in the LGBTQ community than outside of it. The good news is that treatment has come a long way, and now HIV is treated more like living with diabetes than the death sentence that it once was. This is thanks to the huge advances made in HIV treatments and medications that have been made in the past decade.

These advances have been spread across the medical community, including the organ donation community. November 19, 2015, the HIV Organ Policy Equity (HOPE) Act was introduced allowing for the research of transplanting organs from HIV positive donors to HIV positive recipients. In 2016, the first HIV-positive to HIV-positive organ donation took place. This means that HIV positive individuals can finally give again, specifically to people who also are positive.

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ community or not, show your pride as a human by registering as an organ and tissue donor. Regardless of your health or sexual orientation, you can give someone a new lease on life and help break down barriers one organ at a time!