Organ recipient travels to Cincinnati to meet donor’s family, honor his gift

Lanette Meeks and her husband came to Cincinnati from Millington, Michigan, to meet a special family.

Michael Recker was 60 when he died from a stroke in April 2017. His liver saved Lanette’s life.


“I vowed to find out hopefully who the donor was, meet their family and try to thank them and reach out to them, and let them know I am going to honor this gift,” Meeks said.

Emotions ran high as Recker’s family saw for the first time, the woman their loved one was able to save.

“I was all sorts of feelings — scared, excited, anxious — but when she walked through the door, relieved, touched, happy and so excited to touch her liver because I have a part of my husband back,” Recker’s wife, Chris, said.

The two were married for 29 years.

“I can’t explain it. It’s just incredible,” Chris said.

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