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The power to give comes from every member of our community

LifeCenter values the diversity throughout our service area. We work diligently to empower members from all communities to make an informed donation decision.

Our outreach addresses misconceptions related to specific racial and ethnic communities, LGTBQIA+, as well as religious.  We ensure that  everyone in our community is aware they have the power to give a life-saving gift. Our outreach and participation in events geared towards multiple communities, allows us to support all individuals in making an informed decision for themselves.

Pictured: Amaya Deye, Tissue Recipient

Empowering multicultural communities through outreach efforts

African Americans make up 28 percent of those waiting for a life-saving organ transplant with more than 29,000 individuals waiting for a kidney nationwide.

To enhance our mission in the African American and Black community, we partner with organizations like Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., The African Professional Network and leaders of the faith community to ensure members receive the information needed to save lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. Participation in community events, such as the Black Family Reunion and the Center for Closing the Health Gap Health Expo, enables LifeCenter to spread the Donate Life message of hope and healing while acknowledging that Black Lives Matter in life and beyond.

With members of the Hispanic/Latino community making up more than 20 percent of those waiting for a life-saving organ transplant, LifeCenter sees the importance of making sure members of this community have the information they need to make an informed decision about organ, eye and tissue donation.

Partnerships with community groups such as Su Casa, Esperanza Center, Santa Maria Services and the Hispanic Chamber Cincinnati ensure that LifeCenter meets and connects with community members to provide this important information.

As a national leader in the field of donation education designed to serve the a LGBTQIA+ community, LifeCenter connects with community members to help them understand that how they identify does not hinder their ability to be a registered organ, eye and tissue donor.

As one of the first organ procurement organizations in the country to participate in LGBTQIA+ community events, to create a community-based committee to guide efforts and outreach and to put together a media campaign focused towards the LGBTQIA+ community, LifeCenter is proud to lead this important outreach initiative.

Through participation in community events, such as Cincy PRIDE, and with the assistance of our community committee, LifeCenter is able to spread the message, “My Pride Lives On.”

With the passing of the HOPE Act in 2013, LifeCenter also educates the community that there is no longer a ban preventing anyone living with HIV from being a registered organ donor.

Did you know the oldest donor in the United States was 92 years old? With more than 30 percent of deceased donors over the age of 50, LifeCenter of Ohio wants everyone to know they can register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor, no matter their age.

Through our senior outreach program, like Expo4 Seniors, we are able to spread the message that everyone has the potential to be a donor.  Our program equips members of the senior population with the tools they need to make an informed decision and to share that decision with their family.

When a family is faced with losing a loved one, they often reach out to their faith leader for support, spiritual guidance and to ask about their faith’s perspective on organ, eye and tissue donation. When faith leaders encourage their members to learn the facts and to register their donation decision before a family crisis, the burden of making a decision is lessened.

To ensure faith communities have all of the resources they need, LifeCenter provides leaders and congregations with free educational materials.  LifeCenter also participates in faith-based community events, partners with faith leaders and congregations for special events and sponsors faith-based events and presentations.

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