Pastor William L. Curry – Waiting on a Kidney Transplant

I am a Vietnam veteran, I am a husband of forty four years, father of two children, grandfather of three granddaughters, one grandson and one great-granddaughter. My journey began six years ago when I was diagnosed with renal disease and my kidneys continued to decline.

I have been on the waiting list since October 14, 2019. I received a consult from a family member to contact the national kidney registry and was told by them that I did meet the criteria. It took from November 2018 to October 14, 2019 to qualify and be placed on the kidney transplant waiting list.

The waiting for me and my family has been met with hope and great expectations of a better quality of life to come. But I must admit some days it is a struggle to find the physical and mental energy to face all the tasks I am faced with on a daily basis: pastoring, counseling, being a good husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather just to mention a few. I am hopeful receiving a kidney transplant will give me the physical and mental energy to be viable to my family and community in which I live and serve. One of the things I miss the most is the fellowship dinners with my church family and my wife’s cheesecake. I am excited that one day soon I can have more than one small slice after I receive a transplant.

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