Perry Hall, Kidney Recipient

I have suffered from kidney issues for most of my life. It started with a kidney infection when I was 17-months-old and had to spend several months at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on dialysis. After five major surgeries, my failing kidney came back to 85% function. My parents were told I would most likely need a transplant by the time I was 13 and that it would be unlikely I could carry children.

Surprisingly, I carried three amazing children and made it to my 30th birthday before starting hemodialysis. After nearly five years of dialysis and having many people tested to be potential donors, I received the phone call that changed the course of my life.

I’ve always believed in second chances, and I’ve gotten more than one in this lifetime. I am grateful every day, for my donor and their family for saying “yes”.  Because of their gift, I was able to be here to experience the chance to marry my middle-school sweetheart last fall. With this gift of life, my husband, Casey, and I enjoy spending our free time traveling, going to concerts and sharing adventures with our sweet blended family.

My journey has been filled with the most positive and wonderful people, from the nurses and doctors at CCHMC, the dialysis techs at DaVita, my friends at LifeCenter and the National Kidney Foundation, and the staff at Christ Hospital where I received my lifesaving transplant. I am thankful for my life and all of these delightful people who have filled it with success. I also cannot say enough about my supportive family and friends; to each of you, you will never truly understand how you have encouraged me and shaped me into the person I am today. I am so thankful for the continued blessings I’ve received in my life and the grace of second chances.

– Perry Hall. Kidney Recipient