Quality Systems Specialist


Quality Systems Specialist


Ensures the accuracy and completeness of organ and tissue donor records through quality control review working cooperatively with the organ and tissue staff. Performs quality assurance/control functions under the guidance of the Quality Systems Director.

Essential Job Duties/Performance Standards

  1. Conducts timely, comprehensive and efficient quality control review of organ and tissue donor records. This includes, but not limited to:
    1. Works in collaboration with organ and tissue staff to ensure that records are compete, accurate and orderly.
    2. Ensures all necessary clinical data has been collected, documented and attached in the donor records.
    3. Ensures all necessary recovery partners and transplant centers are notified of any additional testing/results.
    4. Obtains donor autopsy reports and shares information as needed.
    5. Provides all recovery partners, processors and transplant hospitals with donor information/records as needed.

  2. Maintains organ and tissue donor tracking spreadsheet and accurately provides staff with chart corrections in order to ensure record clearing goals.

  3. Responsible for closing DonorNet Feedback Reports within five business days or less to ensure compliance with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) policy.

  4. Ensures proper AOPO Credentials Information Network (ACIN) credentials are kept on file for all local surgeons and that the ACIN database is kept current.

  5. Works with external processors/agencies to resolve issues/problems.

  6. Works with internal staff to provide feedback/training when new updates occur as a result of electronic donor systems, regulatory agencies and quality updates.

  7. Observes a defined number of tissue recoveries annually in order to maintain understanding of the tissue recovery process and to aid in knowledge when reviewing tissue charts.

  8. Assists the Quality Systems Director in tracking and reporting of errors.

  9. All other duties as assigned by Quality Systems Director and the Executive Director.

Required Qualifications

  1. College Degree or equivalent.
  2. Basic understanding of human anatomy and medical terminology.
  3. Nursing or medical experience.

Working Conditions / Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a tissue recovery site as well as in the office.  This position requires regular lifting, reaching, typing bending and walking.  You will be required to spend extended periods of time sitting and standing.

Risk Exposure

Risk Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids:  While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be exposed to blood or body fluids.  Established procedures identify the appropriate personal protective measures that you should use when performing essential functions of your position.  In addition, LifeCenter's OSHA program will provide you with the appropriate procedures and guidelines.  If you need additional training or resources, please contact your manager/supervisor or the Health and Safety Officer.

Please include a cover letter detailing where you learned about this open position (i.e. FaceBook, LifeCenter website, third party website, referral, etc.).

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