Samantha Boling, Awaiting a Double Lung Transplant

My name is Samantha Boling. I’m 23 years-old and I’ve been waiting for a life saving double lung transplant since January, 2011. Being told I needed this transplant is still to this day one of the scariest moments of mine and my family’s lives.

This event has completely changed me as a person. I’m lucky to have a wonderful family that’s full of support, and as a result, I’m much more appreciative of everything and everyone that I’ve been blessed with. My dream to live life to the fullest is bigger than ever thanks to this experience.

Waiting for transplant is one of the hardest things to try to help someone understand. It’s almost a feeling of being “trapped” and you’re waiting on a call to freedom. I can promise you, there is no worse feeling than that of being trapped in your own life.

Organ donation is so important, but it’s something that is rarely discussed. You have the potential to save so many lives. YOU can be a hero, it’s that easy. What is there to think about? Be amazing and just say “YES”!

After transplant I have dreams of traveling and writing. I plan to publish a book and I’m determined to follow every dream I’ve ever had. That’s what life is about, right? We look for things to put our hope, faith and dreams into and then if we have the courage, we follow them. I’m on the journey to a happy soul. I have plenty of courage I just need a healthy pair of lungs to get me there!

-Samantha Boling, Awaiting a Double Lung Transplant