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Yes, learning can save lives!

The State of Ohio requires high school students to learn about organ, eye and tissue donation as part of the district’s health curriculum. We want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to prepare students to make a well-informed donation decision.

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LifeCenter’s student-focused program provides an overview of the donation process, what can be donated and the facts surrounding organ, eye and tissue donation. Because donation and transplantation is an ever-changing science, when you invite our educators into your classroom they are able to share accurate, up-to-date information with you and your students. Our goal is to ensure students have the information they need to make a responsible, well-informed decision when asked “Do you want to be an organ, eye and tissue donor?” at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Additionally, we want students to understand the importance of sharing their donation decision with their family.

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Additional teacher resources

To further aid teachers, Lifeline of Ohio has created additional resources which can be utilized by teachers both in and out of the classroom. All available links are below.

A fact-packed Webquest that requires students to access online videos to answer donation questions.

*Teachers: A Webquest answer key is available.  Please submit your request to

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