I was injured on June 7, 2013 while running a physical agility course for the police department where I am an officer. As I was going over a four foot wall, I landed awkwardly on my left leg and heard and felt something in my knee “pop”.

After learning that I had torn my ACL, the doctor advised me that I was going to be receiving a donor graft in my surgery to repair the injury. The doctor said that having this type of graft would lessen my recovery time, which was exactly what I wanted to hear. It may sound silly, but I truly wanted to get back as soon as possible serving my community and protecting my neighbors and the citizens who live here.

I had my procedure on July 2, 2013. After surgery, I was given some information about my donor and where I can send a letter if I’d like to write to my donor’s family. I told my wife we needed to stop on the way home and get stamps and thank you cards. Not later that day, not next week, but before we even went to the pharmacy to fill my pain medication prescription. When we got home, I got comfortable on the couch and wrote to my donor family a thank you card they so deserved. The gift I was given not only benefited me and my family, but the community I proudly serve as well.

Thank you.

Sgt J. Keith Belcher, Tissue Recipient