Tiffani Brians, Organ and Tissue Donor

Dear Tiffani,

At the young age of 21 months old you were cursed with diabetes, and you were challenged your entire life with a disease you just couldn’t get a handle on, no matter how you tried and how many times we visited the hospitals and doctors looking for answers.

Through the years, somehow you were able to live life as if you were a perfectly normal toddler, teen, and young adult. You excelled in your schoolwork and life, in spite of this disease and how bad it made you feel every day. We are so proud of you for all of the things you accomplished. We are proud of you for your caring spirit, the way you always helped out at that farm, the way you helped take care of your brothers and sister, the way you worked for the things you wanted, and most of all the way you always helped others not matter what the cost. You were loved by so many — and now missed even more.

When we knew you were expecting, we were so excited to see you taking care of this little life inside of you, and trying so hard to be sure she would be as healthy as possible when she arrived in this world. I know she would have been just as beautiful as her mama. We can only imagine putting our arms around you both and telling you how much we love you now.

Most of all we are so proud of your selfless decision to be an organ and tissue donor and to save so many lives and help so many others with your gift. I can only hope that one day we will get to meet some of the recipients and see how they are doing as well. Hopefully your caring and vibrant personality takes root in them, and they continue on with your giving spirit.

We will always miss you Tiffani… as well as your smile, your laughter, your bigger than life heart, and your baby girl Addison Layne too!

Bigger than life hugs to both of you.

Mom, Dad & the kids


– Valerie Neal, mother of Tiffani Brians, Organ and Tissue Donor