Tissue Recovery Technician



Tissue Recovery Technician


Responsible for recovery of allograft tissue for transplantation and research according to industry standards. Responsible for assisting in maintenance of supplies and facilities.

Essential Job Duties/Performance Standards


  1. Work in conjunction with Senior Tissue Recovery Technician, Tissue Operations Director and other personnel to maintain established policies, procedures, objectives, quality assurance, safety and environmental and infection control.
  1. Adhere to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), LifeCenter standard operating procedures and guidelines and standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) for the recovery, packaging and proper handling of allograft tissue.
  1. Perform all phases of donor recovery including, but not limited to: labeling, packaging, manipulation of procured tissue, transport of tissues and clean-up.
  1. Assist in the care and maintenance of supplies, equipment, and facilities. Report defective supplies and malfunctioning equipment to Senior Tissue Recovery Technician. Report required maintenance and repair items.
  1. Be available for call during scheduled shifts as assigned.
  1. Maintains communication with Communication Center, Senior Tissue Recovery Technician, Tissue Recovery Technicians, Tissue Recovery Coordinators, Tissue Operations Director, funeral home directors, coroners, satellite facilities, and transport services.
  1. Other duties as assigned by the Tissue Operations Director and the Executive Director.

Required Qualifications


  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  1. Basic understanding of human anatomy.
  1. Basic computer skills.
  1. Valid driver’s license.

Working Conditions / Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a hospital / recovery sites as well as in the office. This position requires regular sitting, reaching, bending and walking. An individual should be able to lift up to 75 lbs and be able to stand for extended periods of time. This position is an on-call position that may require extended time periods of work.

Risk Exposure

Risk Exposure to Blood and Bodily Fluids: While performing some essential functions of your position, you may be exposed to blood or body fluids.  Established procedures identify the appropriate personal protective measures that you should use when performing essential functions of your position.  In addition, LifeCenter's OSHA program will provide you with the appropriate procedures and guidelines.  If you need additional training or resources, please contact your manager/supervisor or the Health and Safety Officer.

Please include a cover letter detailing where you learned about this open position (i.e. FaceBook, LifeCenter website, third party website, referral, etc.).

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