Vincent Salazar, Tissue Donor

Vincent was a loving father, husband and grandfather.  He may have looked intimidating to some, but was really a big teddy bear. At 46 years old and as vice president of a family owned business, he put his heart and soul into the company for his family as well as the families of those who worked for and with him.  He was a man of his word and, if Vincent said he would do something, he did it. The last few years he had committed to spending more time with me and our two grandsons, and we took them everywhere with us.  Vincent and I even spent our 25th Anniversary on his job site, and it was truly a special day for both of us. He was my soul mate.  I still find myself talking to Vincent, and I feel like he still answers me.  Maybe it’s not in the way I want, but I still feel him.

Vincent was taken off of life support on July 20, 2009 after suffering a cerebral herniation.  We had a verbal agreement to not keep each other on life support should the time ever come, but to put it in God’s hands, which I did that day with a very heavy heart.  Our children, Vincent’s parents and other family members supported the decision to donate, and I knew that is what he would want.  Vincent passed on, surrounded by his children, parents, siblings, and other family and friends.  I knew because of his medical issues that organ donation may not be an option, but LifeCenter explained how many lives could be saved or made better by tissue donation.  We decided to donate with full family support, and now I and others in the family are committed to becoming organ and tissue donors because of Vincent.  Vincent did so much good throughout his life, and I am happy to know that this is one thing I can join him in doing to help others.

-Joyce Salazar, wife of Vincent Salazar, Tissue Donor