Organ donation is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences that a person can decide to engage in. By registering as an organ donor, you are making a promise to give a literal piece of yourself to someone to help him or her live their life once again. Registering as a deceased organ donor is already immensely kind and giving, but if you want to really feel the impact of the organ donation process, there is no experience quite as magical as being a living donor. Regardless of whether you are donating to a best friend, a family member, or a complete stranger, your donation is about to completely change someone’s life, and it is all thanks to your selflessness. If you would like to learn more about the organ donation process, or would like to register today, get in contact with our team here at LifeCenter today!

Needed Organs

This may come as no surprise, but not all organs are as needed as others. The most needed organ by a longshot is the kidney. As of 2018, over 80% of all people on the waiting list were in need of a kidney, with livers being the second most needed with just 12% of people on the waiting list waiting for a liver. Between these two organs, that is over 92% of the waiting list waiting on two simple organs. The best part about this statistic is that these two organs are some of the few organs that can be donated as a living or a deceased donor. Most people are born with and live with two kidneys, and unless you have some form of kidney failure, your body can function completely normally with just one kidney.

Your liver is one of the most fascinating organs in your body. Unlike your kidneys, you only have one liver, and the liver is an immensely important organ for your body to remain functional. So if you only have one liver, how can you donate your liver? Your liver has the amazing ability to regenerate itself from just a piece of what it once was. Essentially, surgeons remove a portion of your liver and implant it into a recipient and that piece regenerates into a fully functional liver over a few months.

The Matching Process

One of the main reasons people look into organ donation is to donate a kidney or a liver to a loved one, but that can be a difficult prospect. In order to donate to someone, a person has to be a biological match so that the recipient’s body doesn’t reject the new organ. If you aren’t a match with the person that you want to donate to, there are many companies that offer a sort of trade program where a person can donate a non-matching organ in order to trade for a matching donor elsewhere. Of course, if you simply want to give to a stranger out of the kindness of your heart, you can easily register as a living donor and even get to meet your recipient.

The Transplant

The transplant itself is a very safe and quick procedure. Most donors spend a few days in the hospital, go through a quick procedure, and experience some minor soreness for a few weeks after the transplant. All in all the transplant is safe, fairly painless, and is an immensely kind and thoughtful gift to give someone in dire need.

If you would like to learn more about living donation, or want to learn about how you can get involved with organ donation in your area, contact our team here at LifeCenter today.