Zion and Zhania Coleman, Heart Transplant Recipients

We want to first say thank you to the donors and donor families who saved my children’s lives. In the past year, both my son Zion and my daughter Zhania have received heart transplants that saved their lives. In each case, we found out that a heart was available for them just in time. Experiencing the gift of life twice in my family has impacted us tremendously, and we have a completely different outlook on life. The gift of two new hearts has taught our family to love and cherish each moment and to live life to the fullest, because so few are fortunate enough to get a second chance at life.

Since Zion and Zhania received heart transplants, my family has been able to find some sense of normalcy. My son now has more energy and will be able to play baseball this coming season–one of his favorite sports. My daughter is able to take dance and swim lessons now, which is something we thought she would never be able to do. Each day they get stronger, and they are both on track to be normal, healthy, successful kids. It is a great feeling to see your children able to keep up with kids their own age, as they enjoy just being a kid!

Everyone in my household is an organ and tissue donor, and I would encourage every individual to register to become a donor because it’s such a rewarding, selfless thing to do. How often are we given a chance to save someone’s life or be a part of something so amazing? Being an organ and tissue donor is a gift that keeps on giving!

– Demetria Coleman, mother of Zion and Zhania Coleman, Heart Transplant Recipients