May 2024

I’ve been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 11 years old. My daily life revolves around dialysis treatments seven days a week.

My children, ages 7 and 3, give me HOPE and are my reason to keep fighting. In addition to caring for my boys, I have a successful career at Procter & Gamble working in research and development. Sadly, I’ve had to reduce my hours and am on short-term disability due to my illness but look forward to resuming my job full time after I receive my new kidney.

A new kidney will give me more TIME with my boys. I want to take them on trips and make new memories. Ever since my diagnosis, I feel like I’ve been tip-toeing through my life. I want to feel a sense of normalcy. I want to be healthy and free of dialysis so that I can see my boys grow up, become teenagers, and pursue their dreams. I want to go back to being able to live freely.

To learn about living kidney donation or start the testing process on my behalf, please contact the University of Cincinnati Medical Center by going to this link:

Waiting for a Kidney Transplant

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