June 2024

I view my job like a police officer: as more of a duty to protect and serve the community in what they are suffering from, and to take responsibility for that, physically and emotionally. More than anything, I’m passionate — during difficult times, I’m not one to retreat to a different standard. I have trouble going to bed at night unless I feel like I’ve done the best I can to help protect patients and their families during unexpected tragedies. The process of organ and tissue donation is important for that reason, as it’s an opportunity to highlight the ultimate human spirit of giving amid tragedy. Donation is one of the true legacies because donors leave something in this world after they’re gone. On the other side, I’ve been part of seeing the relief the recipient and the recipient’s family experience. As healthcare professionals, we can help the community to understand more about the donation process, which will continue to bring light to what is often a very dark time for patients.

Medical Director of Acute Neurological Emergencies with TriHealt

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