March 2024

I became an altruistic living donor when I found out that I couldn’t donate to my daughter, Markeyah, who needed a kidney transplant, but by donating my kidney to a stranger, I moved my daughter up on the waiting list. As a mother, I didn’t give it a second thought. Then I realized that in my decision to save my child’s life, I would also save the life of someone else. My kidney recipient said that while waiting he had given up on living and had accepted his fate until he got “the call.” My decision to be a living donor has given me a different outlook on life and I still can’t believe that I saved a life!

Living Kidney Donor

I received the gift of life from a kidney transplant through a deceased organ donor. Through this generous act of organ donation, my life has changed tremendously. I am happier, healthier, and truly grateful. I can live my life and do things that once seemed impossible for me. If you are considering becoming an organ donor, I say do it. You will forever be someone’s hero and the person responsible for giving them another chance at life. Every day I think of my donor and their family and the selfless decision they made so that I could live life to its fullest capacity.

Kidney Transplant Recipient

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