October 2024

On February 21, 2018, my life changed forever. I was involved in an industrial accident. The doctors and nurses all told my fiancé (now my amazing wife) that I was going to lose my left arm above the elbow. After a 4 ½ hour surgery, I woke up with my arm by my side, wrapped up with bandages and still attached. I felt like a child on Christmas morning.

After 21 days in the intensive care unit and eight surgeries, I was able to keep my arm, thanks to the nine tissue donors who donated skin to aid in my healing, as well as the incredible doctors, nurses, and caregivers who were able to successfully reattach my arm and care for me. Now more than five years later, I am actively involved in the same line of work that nearly took my arm and my life. I now can also wrap both arms around my loved ones.

Tissue Transplant Recipient

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