Andrew J. Schrage, Tissue Donor

On behalf of the family of Andrew J. Schrage, we are so proud you are a recipient of his gift of life. Andrew decided at the age of 16 to be an organ donor. He did this on his own without talking to us. We later found out and were so proud of his selfless decision to help others. This decision was typical of Andrew. He was passionate about life and helping others. He is best remembered as an individual who would help others in need.

Andrew loved the outdoors. He liked to go fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking. He was passionate about his career choice in Mechanical Engineering. When he died in a tragic electrical accident, his family established a scholarship in his name at the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering.

He was incredibly hard-working, even as a teenager. He loved working on cars and fixing things. In many ways, this is what he did as a donor. There are many words to describe Andrew. The most descriptive values he held were faith, friendship, loyalty, humor, curiosity, hope, family, intelligence, independence, and success-oriented.

We wanted you to know this young man that gave the gift of life. He was a special man, and you would have enjoyed meeting him.


Bob & Ann Schrage

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