December: Jesiah Brock. Featured in 2023 Calendar.

December 2023 LifeCenter Calendar Story of Hope

When I was 18 months old, I was involved in a horrible accident that left me burned over a great area of my body. I underwent a skin graft procedure to improve my quality of life. At the time, skin grafting procedures were still fairly new and uncommon, and I like to think my experience helped inspire and encourage the medical community. My story has certainly inspired my family and has been a true testament of God’s love.

In my faith tradition, we believe that when you give to others out of the kindness of your heart, you will be blessed with much more than you can even imagine. There are few greater acts of kindness than to give the gift of life to another.

My transplant allowed me to live a normal life through adolescence. I played sports, attended school dances, and started a family of my own. I now dedicate my life to the service of God through showing his love in our community.

I would encourage others to seriously consider becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor because the investment of life in others is one of the greatest testaments to our own humanity.

– Jesiah Brock

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