Donation and the LGBTQA Community

LifeCenter is an LGBTQA ally and we were proud to support pride month this past June. June means an immense amount to a large group of people who have been historically unrepresented and have been wildly misunderstood. We believe that love is love and that no one should be discriminated based on who they love. Regardless of our sexuality, religion, race or creed, we are all made up of the same building blocks, we are all susceptible to the same illnesses and health struggles.  Even though many parts of the country are still working towards accepting LGBTQA rights and equality, organ donation has proudly welcomed the community with open arms. If you want to learn more about how you can get involved with the organ donation process, visit the LifeCenter website today.

LGBTQA Donations

There have been dozens of misconceptions about the LGBTQA community over the years, ranging from the belief that being gay was a choice to the confusion of how to refer to members of the transgender community. Many of these misconceptions have created immense issues for the LGBTQA community to try to overcome. Although many of these misconceptions rage on across many parts of the country, the organ donation community happily has welcomed in members of all groups. The reality is that when we are at our most basic moments, like when we need a lifesaving organ or see another person in desperate need, the differences between us fade away. We are all people, regardless of what our beliefs are, and that similarity is truly never more evident that when it comes to organ donation.

Regardless of whether a member of the LGBTQA community needs an organ or wants to donate, we are happy to help facilitate the donation process. The reality is that there is no better way to break down walls than through a truly selfless gift like organ donation. There may not be any way to change the minds of every person who doesn’t understand your lifestyle, but by donating an organ, you can help change perceptions one person at a time.

HIV Positive Donations

According to, gay and bisexual men are the population that is most affected by HIV. 66% of all people with HIV are gay and bisexual men, and this group accounts for 82% of all men with HIV. HIV may be a difficult disease, but thanks to medical advances, HIV has never been more manageable. HIV positive organ donation is no different. In March of 2019, the surgical team at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore performed the world’s first HIV positive living kidney donation. The procedure was groundbreaking and it created a massive opening for HIV positive donors and recipients. HIV positive recipients will have a much larger pool of options, and HIV positive patients that want to donate and give life will finally be empowered to do so.

We enjoyed celebrating pride this past month and taking another step towards equality and happiness for everyone this year. If you want to get involved as an organ donor or as a LifeCenter ambassador, contact us today.

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